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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Blog Changes

I've added support for categories. Because Blogger does not support categories this requires some hacking. Phydeaux3 has a great tutorial on how to go about adding category support to Blogger using Del.ico.us.

As of now, most blog posts come with a list of the categories they belong to. You can browse through the posts for a category using the pulldown menu under Posts on the sidebar, or by clicking on the category name on the Category Cloud, also on the sidebar.

do you wanna a wordpress free account? daniele.wordpress.com

Thanks for the offer. I have a wordpress account. Although they have some very nice features, I decided not to host the blog there because they don't offer any template customization. If they did I would have placed the blog there. I am keeping an eye on them though. If they become more flexible I will seriously consider switching the blog over there.

Hi Marcos,

I came to your page through phydeaux.. where you'd indicated that you have the categories list in a dropdown box.. though I only see the category cloud on your page.. Can you please share that code with me?

Hi Rahul,

What browser are you using? I have seen some problems with IE sometimes. It needs a reload of the sidebar. You should be able to get the code from view page source. Search for the text: id="delicious". Don't forget to replace oracledmt with your del.icio.us account name. I tried to paste the code in the comment but blogger would not accept it. If you are not able to get it from view page source, send me an email to oracledmt@gmail.com and I will forward the code to you.

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