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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

New Code Generator for Oracle Data Miner

The following was announced today:

The beta release of Oracle Data Miner, a graphic user interface for Oracle Data Mining Release 10.1 and above, adds Oracle Data Miner PL/SQL Code Generator and is now available on OTN. The ODM PL/SQL Code generator enables companies to easily transform a data mining predictive model into an automated business process within an enterprise. The ODM "analytical" processes can be integrated into applications for Call Center recommendation engines within a CRM environment, fraud detection, customer profiling, campaign targeting, customer segmenting, and finding the key attributes that effect Key Performance Indicators.

The Code Generator produces PL/SQL code that contains all the steps in a mining activity, including data preparation, data transformations, and modeling operations. Users can generate PL/SQL code from one or more mining activities with a wizard in Oracle Data Miner or with an Extension to either Oracle JDeveloper or Oracle SQL Developer.

Oracle Data Miner helps data analysts mine their Oracle data to find patterns and relationships, anomalous activities, and discover valuable new insights. Data analysts can mine data with Oracle Data Miner's easy-to-use wizards that guide them through the data preparation, data mining, model evaluation, and model scoring process. Oracle Data Miner PL/SQL Code Generator then creates PL/SQL packages that can be integrated into automated business processes.
In a future post I will cover the new code generator with some examples. Meanwhile, give it a try.

I created a SVM model using Oracle Data Miner, and I try to export the PL/SQL Code underneath. Even thou I respect all teh steps, neither generates any PL/SQL package, nor extracts the code in the .sql file mentioned. What could be the problem?

Norbert, there was a bug in an earlier version of Oracle Data Miner's (ODMR) code generation that would produce this behavior if ODMR was installed in a path with a space in the name. Try to move your ODMR installation to a new directory where the path has no spaces.

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