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Thursday, December 06, 2007 

Recap Post

For the past couple of months the blog took a back seat. Basically, since KDD, I have had very little time to write. I have been on the road quite a bit and my trip to KDD unleashed a number of research ideas that I have been following up. I will post on the latter over time as the results mature.

I have also dropped the ball answering many of the emails and comments I have received. I have caught up with the blog email now. Usually I try to reply very quickly and I apologize for those that have had their question unanswered for a very long time. Below are some of the things that have been going on in the past couple of months. I will blog about them in more details very soon.

  • KDD summary
  • Talks at ACM KDD-SIG and Oracle's Server Technology Seminar
  • Talks at the BIWA Summit
  • Talk at University of Rhode Island
  • Oracle Data Mining 11g
  • Analytics in Oracle Open World
  • SAS in-database analytics announcement
  • Data Mining and OLAP integration


I’m looking for a CRM / BI Data Mining (DM) solution for Wireless Carriers. Having a DM tool is good but I need expertise to build up Models relevant to Wireless carriers as well as stats knowledge to know which algorithms best used for what.

So, I think the easiest way may be to find CRM with BI Applications for Wireless carriers that support DM. Can you receommend some Vendors that do this?

Also, I download Oracle Data Miner 11g but I need Oracle Data Mining 11g to actually do some predictive analysis, correct? Can I get Oracle Data Mining 11g somewhere to do an evaluation of DM? I currently do not have anything Oracle installed on the laptop except Orcale Data Miner 11g.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I agree. Given your problem domain and knowledge requirements it would be better to have some vertical analytical solution tailor to the domain. Could you say a bit more about the types of problems you want to solve in this domain? That would help me point you in the right direction.

In order to use Oracle Data Miner (ODMR) 11g you need an Oracle Database 11g with the Oracle Data Mining (ODM) installed. ODM is an option that is installed if you do the default install. You can download the Oracle DB 11g (with ODM) for an evaluation from otn.oracle.com.

I really loved a lot for your stuff which you posted in this blog. My only question why you stop making any further enhancemnet writing on the articles which you wrote it earlier. I am deperate to know why you stop writing further.

Thank you for the comment and support.

There have been a number of factors contributing to the lack of new material in the blog. For starters, I ran into a lot of trouble after upgrading my blogging software. Also I have been dedicating a lot of my free time to my baby daughter and some research ideas I have been pursuing.

Even though I have not been posting I have been writing. I have a couple of draft posts that I hope to complete soon and publish to the blog.

Hi Marcos,
looking at your profile, I wonder by any chance you know Richard Solari? He used to be big on Data Mining and predictive analytics and was my manager during my tenure with Oracle


Hi Nilesh:

I know Rich. He is not with Oracle anymore though.


hi, Marcos ,I am a editor of ChinaKDD , May I repost your blog on our KDD site ? The URL is http://www.chinakdd.com , and we would repost some Oracle Data Mining document in China Data Mining lab ,which is http://www.chinakdd.org, thanks.

best wish .

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