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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 

Oracle Data Mining 10gR2 Code Generation Release Now Available on OTN

I have just received this from Product Management:

We are pleased to announce the new

Oracle Data Mining 10gR2 Code Generation release
is now available for download (RTM) on OTN.

This new ability to go directly from a data analyst building predictive models to having working in-database PL/SQL code for implementing a complete data mining solution is unrivaled in the industry. There is no data movement, security is respected, Oracle's scalability is under the hood, and an Oracle "analytical solution" provides the lowest TCO.

Release includes the Oracle Data Miner PL/SQL Code Generator. The Code Generator generates PL/SQL code for mining activities. The generated PL/SQL code contains all the steps in an activity, including data preparation, data transformations, and model operations. You can generate PL/SQL code from one or more activities using either a new wizard in Oracle Data Miner or an Extension to either Oracle JDeveloper or Oracle SQL Developer. You can download Oracle Data Miner Release and the JDeveloper and SQL Developer extensions from the page links.

Oracle Data Miner is a graphical user interface for Oracle Data Mining (Release 10.1 and above) that helps data analysts mine their Oracle data to find valuable hidden information, patterns, and new insights. Data analysts can mine data with Oracle Data Miner's easy-to-use wizards that guide them through the data preparation, data mining, model evaluation, and model scoring process. As the data analyst transforms the data, builds models, and interprets results, Oracle Data Miner can automatically generate code needed to transform the data mining steps into an integrated data mining/BI application.

With Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining, the data never leaves the database: all data movement is eliminated. In addition, Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining provide the security of the Oracle database.

Click here for an image showing key Oracle Data Miner gui windows.
The new Code Generation feature is really nice. I will blog about it in a future post.

Marcos Good to see your Blog, i am an oracle 9i dba certified associate....i must confess i find your Blog really informational i am presently working towards becoming A 10G Certified professional

Thanks Lecky. I have a number of posts in the works that cover some very interesting areas. To name a few: text mining, integration with OLAP, integration with Oracle BI EE. I hope you will find then useful as well.

I've been trying to use the PL/SQL generator after I generated a SVM model. Everything looks fine during wizzard steps, but after finishing it, neither PL/SQL package, nor .sql file was generated. Could you give me some practical advice to check on? Thank you very much, appreciating a lot your work...

Nobert, this sounds like an open bug in ODMR. This problem shows up if ODMR is installed in a path that has spaces in the names of the directories (e.g., 'Program Files'). Move the installation to something like C:\ and give it another try.

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